Hi Monster! 
Can you believe it? Its been 2 whole years! 

I’m so blessed to have you. The guy who understands my craziness, insanity and flaws. The guy who can bear my moodswings, anger, cry baby sessions, complaints. I know we’re really meant for each other and until now, we’re fighting for that belief.

I'll never forget the day when I messaged you first and then gradually we became bestfriends. And especially the day when you said before going for your surgery 'You ought to kmow that I love you' . The day you asked me out 'Will you be my girlfriend?' I was surprised yet clueless. 

 Though things aren't really good between us. We havent talked to each other in this very special month. 
But You know what? I’m so thankful that I’m still with you. I know I’m hardheaded. I am crazy. I am a pain in your neck, but still you never left me.  I know that your love is deep and so true. I felt it and you showed it. We don’t have a perfect relationship for the past two years, but I’m so sure that we enjoyed every moment that we’re together and we learned from the mistakes that we committed. 

This time we might not be able to celebrate it with a bang and I couldn't do much for you either because of the weddings and all. But as long as you can give me a virtual hug and a flying kiss, as long as I can hear your voice or see you, as long as I can tell you how much I love you , as long as I can express my feelings, as long as I can flower with you all day long, as long as you're beside me on this special day,  I know I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. I’ll still be contented and happy, ’cause I know your presence and time matters most.

Alongside, Yes we'll fight, I'll get mad at you for various reasons, you'll make me upset by not giving time but my feelings will never change for you. You are my everything. I want you to be a part of my life every step of the way. I love you so much , that it goes past what words could possibly mean. I need you like every breath of air I take. Our meaningful yet funny talks are something I've never shared with anyone else. I really want it to last and steal your last name. 

Just always remember, through thick and thin I'll be here for you. In your ups and downs I'll be beside you. Whatever happens, I'll always be your baby girl.  

Once again, Happy 2nd year anniversary to the love of my life. Someone whom I just can't let go though I might have to, Someone for whom I've wasted buckets and buckets of my precious tears, Someone who means the most to me, Someone whose place no one can ever take . :*

I still dream of our happily ever after..

P.S Your baby girl is pretty upset and angry though because you never talked to her properly in this very special month. She felt so lonely and missed you terribly. She hopes she still reside in your heart. 

Love you tons & tons <3 


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