Tears and laughter. Frowns and smiles. Fights and make up. Arguments and agreements. Loneliness and togetherness. Ups and downs. Bad days and good days. We have been through all this but never thought of giving up!
When you love someone and he also loves you back then you can’t see yourself spending one day without him, he is also that one person you can’t wait to tell your exciting stories and that one person is you.

Of all the years that we've been together, time has tested our love for each other. We survived those hardships and trials along our way. We managed to keep the relationship stronger and better as months pass by. Even if we’re not together now and nearly 4000 miles are separating us, you still never fail to make me blush & smile .

Its been 21 months. Time flies. I'm glad we made it so far, pray and hope that we'll make it till the end. I don't know what future holds for us, but you'll always be in my heart. 21 months back, I never thought you'll become such an important part of my life that spending a day without talking to you will become difficult.

Happy 21 Monthsary Monster. I love you to infinity. <3 <3 :*
Don't make me cry too much. Be a good boy. Make time for me. And always be the reason behind my smile. Don't ever leave me at least as long as circumstances permit, please stay. I don't want to lose you whatsoever.

P.S My not so expressive bf , I hope I 'm getting a nice reply to this lovey dovey meassage of your expressive gf. If you dare ignore this. And just say its nice & bla bla , you better not talk to me then.  Lol,  no fights on our monthsary. But Sigh! This lovey dovey essay has a scolding element in it too now. :P

You are truly a blessing from God. Thank you for being my partner, spouse, lover, and friend. Happy Anniversary <3
paulina lazarte
04/23/2015 6:09pm

this is really us! This message makes me smile :) Its my husband and I 21st monthsary too.


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