Hello Love, I swear I was craving to write a long lovey dovey post for you since so many days . So yes today I'm finally doing it considering you are in a good mood these days. :D
So yeah after a fight when we patch up, everything seems better . And these days All is well & Perfect. My monster has become a good boy. Hehe. Anyways I'm loving the fact that we talk nearly everyday for hours and hours. And I can tell you everything that's on my mind. No matter if I talk with you all day long, I still can't get enough of it. :P I'm happy men . You make me smile wide. And makes me feel special too . <3
This picture says it all. I'm truly blessed. Now don't go on Cloud 9. Jk :P
Okay so I have to tell you this. Before I found you, whenever I came across such quotes , I used to be like someone's heart beating faster because that person is in love is all non-sense, doesn't happen in reality. But tbh, sometimes when you turn up after so many days and I load my inbox to check the msgs, I can feel my heart beating faster . Or when I send you some message and expect a nice reply, same happens. I swear. Its weird okay, I know. But that's the truth. ;) I know I'm crazy la.
Lol don't get mad at this quote. Its actually cute. And yes men I do love my Amazing boyfriend who doesn't have to do much to make me fall head over heels in love with him & can make me smile by some stupid joke of his.

P.S I'm not pestering you. Sometimes I just want to say it all. You'll always be special no matter what my cutie (haha i like to call u cutie so bear with it). *Tight hugs* & *Lots of kisses*

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